Benefits of Strength Training for Weight Loss

Weight loss diet Lose weight fast Causes of weight loss Weight loss program Weight loss calculator How to lose weight in a week
Weight loss diet Lose weight fast Causes of weight loss Weight loss program Weight loss calculator How to lose weight in a week

The Health Benefits of Strength Training

A recent study done showed that Millennials are significantly weaker when it comes to grip strength than the previous generation.  Getting stronger can make a person better at almost any athletic activity. But the benefits of Strength Training for non-athletes such as the elderly population are often overlooked.Weight loss stopfat diet

Strength Training has the potential to increase our longevity.

As we age, our bodies get weaker and we lose muscle mass and bone density. So many elderly people die or get severely injured because of having a fall and being weak.

1-Maintenance of Lean Body Mass

2- Improved Bone density

3- Stronger Joints and Connective Tissue

4- Improved Insulin sensitivity

5- Improved Overall fitness

6- Improved Body Composition

7- Improved Mobility

8- Improved Energy Levels

9- Improved Mood

10- Stress relief

Why Strength Training for Weight Loss?

I believe that strength training is the best way to approach fat loss. I want to share with you why strength training should be the basis of any fat loss program.  Strength is a Form of Physical Fitness.  The most common measurements of fitness are Weight loss stopfat diet

Strength is a Form of Physical Fitness.

The most common measurements of fitness are:

a- Strength

b- Endurance

c- Agility

d- Balance

e- Flexibility

f- Sports Specific

• Coordination

g- Body composition

h- Speed

i- Power

To lose weight, we need a caloric deficit. This can be done by restricting caloric intake and/or increasing physical activity. Any form of physical activity can be used to burn more calories.

What Makes Strength Training Superior?

Strength training is the only form of training that builds a significant amount of muscle mass in Men and Women. Building /maintaining muscle mass is crucial for long-term success. Without strength training,

you may lose weight, but you will most likely not look very lean. You will simply become smaller but not leaner. Building muscle and strength will also help maintain and raise your metabolic rate while dieting and after dieting.

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

We first must make the distinction between WEIGHT LOSS and FAT LOSS. Total Body Weight = Lean Body Mass (LBM) + Fat Mass

Lean Body Mass (LBM) or Fat-Free Mass (FFM) includes all the components in the body that are not body fat (muscle, bones, blood, organs etc.). Fat Mass is the total weight of the body fat in a person’s body.

For example, if a person’s total body weight is 200lbs/90KGs, and his/her body fat % is 20%, then the total fat mass will be 40lbs/18Kgs and the LBM will be 160lbs/72Kgs (the difference). Weight Loss = Losing total body weight  Fat Loss = Losing fat mass while maintaining LBM

Our goal should always be to maximize Fat

Loss and Build/Maintain Muscle. Beginners can also gain a significant amount of muscle while losing fat. This phenomenon is known as Body Recomposition. If someone loses fat and gains muscle, his/her body composition has improved.Weight loss stopfat diet




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