How to build bigger biceps ?

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“gain muscle mass”, or simply learn how to create bigger, stronger bodies

The responses I got surprised me. Out of nearly 50 guys from around the UK, more than half said their main goal was to lose weight or get rid of their belly fat. Below are some of their comments (I’ve not included their full names or locations because I don’t have their permission). David: “While I’ve achieved a slimmer physique, Weight loss diet Lose weight fast

there is still some flab around my waist and I cannot develop visible muscle or a six pack.” Colin: “I want to bring my stomach in and lose weight overall.”

Sid: “I’d like to lose weight for my high cholesterol,

aswell as to be able to wear clothes I’ve not been able to wear for a while.” Spencer: “The biggest challenge is getting rid of the fat on my body. I can never lose it properly no matter what I try. I lose a bit then plateau and cannot break through to lose the gut where the majority of fat seems to sit Weight loss diet Lose weight fast

.” Richard: “My problem is shedding fat around the love handles. It is going gradually but it just takes ages!” Can you relate to any of these problems? If you’re a woman it may be that you’re desperate to lose weight from your hips, thighs or butt as these are lower body regions where females naturally store more bodyfat. For guys, the problem areas are

I also asked the guys about their current weekly training regime and what their diet was like. You’d think that a chunk of them just didn’t exercise enough but some of these guys were exercising 4 or 5 days per week, and their diets didn’t seem too unhealthy (based on what they told me).

Why then were they all facing the same stumbling blocks?

Why could they just not shift that damn, stubborn, annoying, lingering fat? Firstly, how many days you train or how long you exercise for is not quite as important. The type of exercise – and the intensity of it – is what separates the mediocre results from the marvellous. Secondly, these people had no clue about the calories they were taking in and expending each day.Weight loss diet Lose weight fast

Calories are important;

and if the input is more than the output consistently then you’re inevitably going to put on weight. Don’t worry, I’m not expecting you to start counting calories every time you eat – that would just be ridiculous. However, Weight loss diet Lose weight fast

it’s important you have a rough idea of your daily calorie intake and I’m going to share with you a tactic that makes this so easy to track. Thirdly, none of these guys were implementing the full range of fat burning hacks that I reveal in Part Four.




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