It’s Not Just What You Eat

250 Healthy, Delicious, Easy Diet Recipes to Lose Weight

I had no idea so many guys struggled shifting the flab from their bellies. No clue that countless women think they are fat. And I didn’t realise that so many people were doing so many ineffective things to try and get in shape.

People always tell me, “it’s easy for you to say, you’ve always been slim.” True – the main reason I kick-started my obsession with weight training and health and fitness in general back in 1998 was because I was so skinny. I hated being built like a rake and this created personal body image issues that most overweight people have too.

So I’m afraid I simply haven’t got an amazing personal success story of how I went from fatboy to slimshady in a matter of weeks. Or shocking before and after pictures to prove it. Instead, I’ll share several stories of clients, friends and family who have achieved just that – by following my training, nutrition and lifestyle advice.

That very same advice is included in this book so you can finally hit your own health and fitness goals, and be proud of the new you.  When I set up my online personal training business last year I ran a Facebook advert to get clients for my men’s body transformation programme. I asked people to fill in a questionnaire about their fitness goals and was expecting guys to be asking

me to show them “how to build bigger biceps”, “gain muscle mass”, or simply learn how to create bigger, stronger bodies. The responses I got surprised me. Out of nearly 50 guys from around the UK, more than half said their main goal was to lose weight or get rid of their belly fat.

Below are some of their comments (I’ve not included their full names or locations because I don’t have their permission). David: “While I’ve achieved a slimmer physique, there is still some flab around my waist and I cannot develop visible muscle or a six pack.” Colin: “I want to bring my stomach in and lose weight overall.”

“The biggest challenge is getting rid of the fat on my body

. I can never lose it properly no matter what I try. I lose a bit then plateau and cannot break through to lose the gut where the majority of fat seems to sit.” Richard:

“My problem is shedding fat around the love handles. It is going gradually but it just takes ages!”





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