Weight loss exercises & strength training is objective

Weight loss exercises for women
Weight loss exercises for women


One of the best aspects of strength training is that we can objectively measure progress.  This allows us to shift our focus from the end result to the actual process

As we focus on getting stronger over time, the results will follow. If our training numbers go up over time, we also gain muscle mass even while losing fat.Weight loss diet Lose weight fast

Sustainable Progress

The great thing about strength training is that we can keep progressing over a long period of time. As we continue to train, we adapt and get stronger. Most other forms of fitness don’t have this unique benefit. The pursuit of making progress is a great way to stay dedicated and keep pushing towards the next level of strength.

If you improve your body composition, you will find it much easier to keep the weight off in the future.Weight loss diet Lose weight fast

Competitive Endeavors

There are many strength sports where professionals and amateurs can compete today. Some of the popular ones include Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Strongman, CrossFit, Bodybuilding, Wrestling, Martial arts etc.

Getting stronger opens many opportunities for aspiring athletes and provides an opportunity for the strength enthusiast to pursue a competitive endeavor.  Even if you do not participate in a strength sport, you can compete against yourself. Simply thinking of ourselves as athletes will help us improve our results.Weight loss diet Lose weight fast

Sports Performance

Today, strength is not only limited to strength athletes. Strength can make virtually any athlete better. We’ve seen an increasing number of athletes of all sports,

focusing on strength training. Whether its tennis, basketball, baseball, cricket, swimming or even golf, if an athlete gets stronger, he/she will most definitely improve.  Strength can make you better at virtually any physical sport.

Strength Training Myths

Higher Reps “Tone” The Muscle There is no such thing as “Toning” a muscle. A muscle can either, Hypertrophy (Grow), Atrophy (Shrink) or Maintain. Building muscle and losing fat will help achieve the

‘toned’ look. Training with higher reps has its place in Strength Training, but it’s not the best if you’re looking to build maximal strength and muscle.

Strength Training is Only for Low Reps  A person can get stronger in a variety of rep ranges. It depends on their goals.  If your goal is to get stronger and to lift the maximum amount of weight for 1 rep,

you will have to train low reps. If you don’t want to test how much you can lift for a single rep, you can train with a combination of lower and higher reps to build strength.

Weight loss diet Lose weight fast

Strength Training Makes You Bulky.

It is extremely difficult to build enough muscle naturally to be considered bulky. Take a look around any gym and see how many people actually look bulky. It takes years of training to build a significant amount of muscle.

Strength Training is Dangerous

When done correctly, strength training is not dangerous. In fact, it can improve a person’s ability to prevent injuries in and outside the gym. This is why Strength Training is an important part of physical therapy.

While there is always a risk of something going wrong, the probability is low. This is because; a good strength-training plan will have a person progress at an appropriate rate. As long as the trainee lifts the amount of weight that allows him/her to maintain good technique, the risk of injury is extremely low.



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