What is Strength Training?

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Strength Training has been around for centuries.

In ancient times, a strong person had a better chance of surviving than a weak person.  This is because there were many external threats from enemies and nature. Survival of the fittest/strongest was true in ancient times.Weight loss diet Lose weight fast

The ancient Greek warriors were also known for their strength. The word ‘gymnasium’ originates from Greece where peoplepeople used to train to compete in the ancient games and for aesthetics. This can be seen in the ancient statues.

Strength is the ability of a muscle to produce force.

Training is an activity performed in the present that will yield a future result. While strength training is a form of fitness, it is important to make the distinction between training and exercise.

Exercise=/= Training This distinction is crucial. Exercise does not equal training. While strength training consists of different exercises, the goal of training vs. exercise is quite different. Training is an activity that will help achieve afuture result. Exercising will help achieve an immediate result. Weight loss diet Lose weight fast

With strength training, the desired goal can be more strength and muscle. The goal of exercising could be to get a workout, feel good, burn calories etc. If exercises are performed without a goal of making an adaptation for future progress, it is not training. That is why we refer to it as ‘Strength Training’ and NOT Strength Exercising’.

If a person gets stronger, he/she has made the desired strength training adaptation.  The process of strength training has 3 components, which is known as the

General Adaptation Syndrome General Adaptation Syndrome:

Stress-Recovery-Adaptation Stress is an automatic physical, mental and emotional response to a challenging event and a normal part of everyone’s life. When channeled positively, stress can lead to growth, action, and change. But negative stress can lessen your quality of life, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Not all stress is bad, as it is a necessary part of the adaptation process. Training is a form of stress that is required to disrupthomeostasis and achieve the desired future adaptation.

General Adaptation Syndrome Stress->Recovery->Adaptation (Strength) In the case of athletic training, the changes we desire include increased strength, muscle, endurance, power etc.Weight loss diet Lose weight fast

When we workout at the gym, we are placing stress on the body by lifting weights. When we’re at rest after our workout, the body recovers from that stress and rebuilds itself. The body prepares itself to be able to handle even more stress in the future.

Strength is simply an adaptation that the body makes to be prepared for any future stress. These adaptations are in the form of increased strength, neural output, movement patterns and muscle mass.

Why Strength Matters?

Strength training is more important than ever. Our generation is probably the weakest in human history. Strength was a necessity in the past. Whether it was for hunting or manual labor. Our ancestors were always involved in activities that required strength.Weight loss diet Lose weight fast






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